Thursday, November 1, 2012

Faction Comics needs YOU!

Above: a detail of the cover of Faction Comics #1 by Greg Broadmore.

Faction Comics is a new New Zealand comics anthology edited by Damon Keen to be launched in December as a full-colour comic book and digital edition for computers, iPads and smart phones. It already has an impressive line-up on New Zealand comics talent, including such heavy hitters as: Greg Broadmore (Triumph), Ant Sang (Shaolin Burning), Roger Langridge (Fred The Clown), Karl Wills, Jonathan King, Christian Pearce, Ned Wenlock and many more!

Above: An image from Ant Sang's contribution to Faction Comics #1, June+Bug. Copyright Ant Sang 2012.

You can subscribe for a FREE copy of the digital version right HERE at the Faction website. But for the print version to launch and be promoted successfully, it needs your help! Right now Faction Comics is appealing for funding on the New Zealand crowd funding website, PledgeMe.

Above: An image from Damon Keen's contribution to Faction Comics #1. Copyright Damon Keen 2012.

If you haven't heard of PledgeMe, it is modeled on the US crowd funding site Kickstarter: creatives seeking funding for a project have a limited time to appeal to the public for donations or 'pledges' (via credit card) towards achieving their funding goal. Pledges can range from as little as $10 right up to a couple of hundred, and depending on the size of your pledge you will be rewarded for your patronage (eg. a $25 donation will get nab you an exclusive Faction bookmark, or $200 will see you receive an original drawing of yourself as a superhero and a copy of the printed book). Pledges will only be charged if the project reaches its target funding goal within the set time-frame.

Faction Comics' PledgeMe appeal has 9 days left to reach its funding goal of $4,500. It's just over two thirds of the way there, and needs YOUR help to make it across the finish line!

So if you enjoy New Zealand comics and would like to see this title get off to a great start, please consider supporting this project by pledging HERE

Every bit of support at this stage helps (and yes, pledges can be accepted from outside of New Zealand as long as you have a valid credit card). For more information and to subscribe for the digital copy, visit the Faction Comics website HERE and join their Facebook page HERE.


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