Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Road to Armageddon '09: New Ground #12

Above: An exclusive look at the cover of New Ground #12 by Jared Lane. Copyright Jared Lane 2009.

With the Armageddon '09 Pulp Culture Convention just over a month away, I'm going to be spotlighting the new local comics making their debut at this year's convention.

First up, I've got the exclusive announcement of the talent line-up for New Ground #12:

Jared Lane - 'For God. For King. For Country!
Steve Saville - 'Follow the Grief Lines'
Stevie & Kelly Marie - 'Snow Day'
Neala - 'Punkid'
Rex and Miguel - 'Adventures of Rex & Miguel'
Matt Kelly - 'Kiwiman: Crossover of the Finite Island 3'
James Davidson - 'Groundsman: Falling Leaves'
Aruneshwar Singh - 'The Circle'

All this under a cover by Jared Jane (as seen above).

Be sure to stop by the Gotham/DMC Comics booth at the convention to pick up a copy and meet some of the talent. Also, if you'd like to submit material for a feature issue, Armageddon's a great chance to meet DMC Comics publisher Jeremy Bishop in person and show off your art samples! So get drawing and we'll see you at the show.


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