Monday, April 29, 2019

WATCH: Two Sketches with Toby Morris featuring Michel Mulipola!

Cartoonist Toby Morris has started a new drawing/interview series for The Spinoff website, Two Sketches. The ingenious concept for the show is quite simple: each episode he sits down with an NZ artist and they each produce an artwork while discussing whatever comes to mind.

As Morris described the idea for the show to The Spinoff, "Drawing is a meditative and reflective activity – for me I usually need to be quite relaxed, and my mind wanders while I do it. When I shared a studio with other illustrators I found the conversations we had while we drew were often quite weird but honest and insightful. I think it’s like talking in front of a bonfire, or a killer view – with a big chunk of your mind fixed somewhere else I think you can often be less guarded.”

In this first episode, Morris sits down to sketch with Michel Mulipola, a WWE comics artist, wrestler and gamer - a pop culture triple threat!

Watch the first episode below, and subscribe HERE for more! You can also listen to Toby Morris discuss the new show in a RadioNZ interview HERE.

- AK!

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