Friday, January 22, 2016

Weekend Reading: The Doctor Foxglove Show and The Pencilsword #20

Above: Artwork from The Doctor Foxglove Show by Rachel Smythe.

Rachel Smythe, the creator of The Maidan, which placed 3rd in last year's Chromacon Chroma Art Awards, has a new webcomic available for you to read, The Doctor Foxglove ShowDescribed as, 'surreal thriller that follows a young woman and her struggles adjusting to her place in between life and death'. The artwork has deliciously gothic texture to it, establishing a great sense of atmosphere in it's opening chapter. You can read the intro and first chapter HERE.

Above: Artwork from The Pencilsword #20: Holes by Toby Morris.

In this month's Pencilsword, Toby Morris considers the unseen: the gaps in our perception of the world, the uncomfortable truths that we'd rather not notice or pay attention to in our daily lives or society at large. Perhaps it's time we were more honest with ourselves, and took a closer look at the 'holes'. You can read the full animated strip HERE.

- AK!