Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Dream King comes to New Zealand

Above: Neil Gaiman hanging out in a graveyard (..as you do).

I heard rumblings about this a week before Armageddon, and last week it was officially announced: Neil Gaiman will be coming to New Zealand next March as part of the New Zealand International Arts Festival to attend the New Zealand Post Writers & Readers Week (March 9-14th).

I'm sure Neil Gaiman's writing needs no introduction, he's a prolific writer of prose, comics, films, poetry, journalism, lyrics...and I imagine just about anything else concerning the creative arrangement of words.

He is of coarse responsible for the award-winning comic series 'The Sandman', the cornerstone and inspiration for DC's mature readers imprint, Vertigo. His widely acclaimed novels include: 'Coraline', 'American Gods', 'Anansi Boys', 'Stardust' and his most recent novel, 'The Graveyard Book', for which he won his third Hugo Award and the Newbery Medal.

It's my understanding that he's been on the Writers and Readers author wish-list for some time, but his travel expenses from the US don't come cheap, which has prevented his invitation in the past. But as luck would have it, Neil's girlfriend Amanda Palmer's band the 'The Dresden Dolls' are rumoured to be touring Australia and New Zealand in March, providing the perfect opportunity for Neil to accompany her on tour Down Under. And since he's in town...why not give a talk at the Wellington Town Hall?

His talk will be for one hour and takes place on the 13th of March at 5.30pm.
General admission is $25, with children 15 and under for $15. Tickets go on sale through Ticketek on Thursday 19th of November at 9am. So be sure to get in quick before some kids beat you to it!

There's no word yet on any book signings or other appearances, but I'll be keeping my ear to the ground and let you know if hear any further developments.

Above: Neil Gaiman on the set of 'Hellboy 2: The Golden Army'.

Since he's in town, there's probably a very good chance he'll visit his friend and current Welly resident, 'Hobbit' director Guillermo Del Toro. Neil met Guillermo some years ago in the process of developing the film adaptation of 'Death: The High Cost of Living'. He also spend some time on the set of 'Hellboy 2: The Golden Army' with his daughter Maddy, watching the director at work. Any chance these fantasy masters could cook up a new film collaboration over dinner in Jackson's 'Wellywood'? The mind truly boggles...

In any event, be sure to book a front seat for an audience with the Dream King in March. For more information on this event, visit the New Zealand International Arts Festival.


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