Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chris Slane awarded 'Cartoonist of the Year'

Above: One of Chris Slane's award-winning cartoons from 'The Listener' magazine. Copyright Chris Slane 2010.

Congratulations to cartoonist Chris Slane, who was awarded the prestigious title of 'Cartoonist of the Year' at the Qantas Media Awards last week. His award-winning entries came from 'The Listener' magazine. The judges praised Chris' artwork as having 'a distinct, effective edge to the cartoons that curries no favours. Strong views expressed, no fence-sitting. Savage caricature, but those portrayed instantly recognisable'.

Above: 'The Gordon Minhinnick Memorial Trophy For Cartooning'.

Presented with 'The Gordon Minhinnick Memorial Trophy For Cartooning' by The New Zealand Herald (best described as a 'shiny platter of cartooning excellence'), I'm sure it will make a fine addition to Chris' mantelpiece or a VERY classy tray to hold art materials if one was so inclined. The reverse side of the trophy features the names of previous winners, revealing this is in fact the second time Chris has taken home the prize, the first occasion was in 1998.

Above: Details from 'The Gordon Minhinnick Memorial Trophy For Cartooning'.

So congratulations to Chris for his continued fine cartooning, which you can see regularly in such magazines as 'The Listener', 'Metro' and 'The Shed magazine'. You can also check out more of his cartoons at his official website HERE.


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