Friday, August 13, 2010

Library Week 2010: Graphic Novel Competition

Above: The first page of the new story, created by last year's winner, Jason Winter.

Library Week is back again for 2010, along with last year's very successful Graphic Novel Competition. It's already in full-swing, finishing up next Friday August 20th. To participate, all you have to do is illustrate the next four frames of the story and upload them to the Library Week website (click HERE for more details and specifications).

Each Monday morning a weekly winner will be selected, and their entry will become a permanent continuation of the story. There are two age categories for the competition: 13-18yrs and 19+yrs. Last year's winner Jason Winter will be acting as guest judge. Prizes are being donated by Wellington's premiere comic shop 'Graphic'!

There are already some great winning pages on display from Matthew Kelly, James Davidson, David Tulloch, Theo Macdonald and Sofía Chambi-Trowell. So get drawing over this mainly wet winter weekend and win yourself a swag of great graphic novel prizes!

For more information about Library Week visit:



  1. Thank you heaps for making mention of the competition Adrian. Again, apologies for not letting you know sooner.

  2. No prob, Jason. It's my bad for not getting this up sooner, but I was moving house last week so I've been a bit busy off-line. Looking forward to seeing how the story ends!

  3. Me too. Hope your move went well.