Monday, November 22, 2010

EVENT: DUD: The Dunedin Comic Collective Revue #1

Above: The cover of DUD: The Dunedin Comic Revue #1.

Proving that the NZ comics revolution isn't just restricted to the major city centers, a Dunedin comics collective have being busily working away on this very promising showcase: a new 40 page comics/CD package!

Above: A page by Dunedin cartoonist/musician Tim Cornelius. Copyright Tim Cornelius 2010.

DUD: The Dunedin Comic Revue #1 features comics by locals and some special out-of-towners including: Spencer Hall, Tim Cornelius, Fane Flaws, Chris Knox, Tony Renouf, Dylan Horrocks, Glenn Ross, Sian Hannagan, Ben Carroll, Danny Brisbane, Tom Garden, SJ Orchard, Daniel Blackball Alexander and more. The accompanying CD features tracks from: Black Yoghurt, The Communist Rainbow Relationship, Deidre Newall, God Bows to Math, The Living Hamsters, Mountaineater, Old Psychiatrist Club, Operation Rolling Thunder, Sewage, TFF and Tim Cornelius.
Above: A contribution from Dylan Horrocks.

There's a grand book launch this coming Thursday, 25th of November at the Dunedin Public Library from 5.30 - 8.30pm. You'll be able to purchase this great package for only $15 on the day, with live performances from some of the featured bands and a motion comic on show for good measure! If you're like me, geographically unable to attend, you can mail order it directly from the Dunedin Comics Collective Blog HERE for only $20 including postage! ($25 for foreigners).

For more information on the book launch, future updates and art previews, check out the Dunedin Comics Collective blog HERE.



  1. Ah yay, that's wicked, thanks heaps for promoting it. Last night was an awesome launch, with heaps of people packing themselves into the teen space at the library!

  2. No prob! Sorry I couldn't be there, I'm looking forward to picking up a copy!