Wednesday, July 13, 2011

VIDEO: Auckland Writers & Readers Festival: Graphic Novels, Comics & Cartoons

Above: Dylan Horrocks talking comics.

A few months back I chaired a panel Graphic Novels, Comics and Cartoons, for the annual Auckland Writers & Readers Festival. Featuring some of the best and brightest minds in New Zealand comics and literature, I was joined by cartoonists Dylan Horrocks, Ant Sang, Chris Slane and YA author Karen Healey to discuss our love of the medium and the creative process.

If you weren't able to make on the day, the panel was filmed and is now available to view online!
Unfortunately the slides we're discussing aren't visible in the video, but as an exclusive bonus I'm happy to present them as a Slideshow below, so you'll be able to follow the conversation as we go.

Highlights: Ant reveals his in depth writing process and it's relation to screenwriting; Chris discusses how using google earth and historical research informs his work; Karen talks about the mistreatment of female characters in superhero comics, specifically the death of Spoiler from DC's Batman: War Games event; and Dylan dishes the dirt on working for DC Comics on that same event! (possibly with a Dan DiDio impersonation..?) But more to the point, he talks us through the creation of his latest serialised web-comic Sam Zabel And The Magic Pen.


*All Slideshow art and content is copyright it's respective rights holders.

PS: For our foreign viewers, yes that's a New Zealand accent...(Yikes...I know, go ask Anna Paquin if you don't believe me!).

Above: Chris Slane waxing lyrical on comics and how easy it is to draw Don Brash as a zombie...

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