Monday, August 22, 2011

Roger Langridge cleans up at the 2011 Harvey Awards!

Above: The Muppets have a reason to celebrate, as drawn by Roger Langridge. Copyright Disney/The Jim Henson Studio 2011.

Last night saw the winners announced for the 2011 Harvey Awards, with two awards going to New Zealand cartoonist Roger Langridge. He came away with Best Writer for his work on Marvel's acclaimed all-ages series Thor: The Mighty Avenger, and the Special Award For Humour In Comics for his groundbreaking comics adaptation of The Muppet Show from Boom Studios.
Above: A tender moment from Thor: The Mighty Avenger, as written by Roger Langridge with art by Chris Samnee. Copyright Marvel 2011.

Roger's artistic collaborator on Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Chris Samnee, was also awarded Most Promising New Talent.
This series was well received by critics and fans alike, but only lasted eight issues. Following the early adventures of Thor the god of thunder, it managed a fine balance of adventure, humour, and a beautifully handled romance. Basically this book has a hell of a lot of heart, and puts most of it's fellow 'mature' superhero comics to shame. It's available in two very affordable volumes now, so make sure you pick them up today and find out what all the fuss is about!

Also available now is the first issue of Roger's new comic series Snarked! #0, from Boom Studios. This zero issue only $1US, which given the strength of our NZ dollar at the moment makes it next to nothing, so grab a copy while it's cheap! For more in-depth information on the world of Snarked!, you can now visit the new website Snark Island for character information, preview art and lots of other goodies HERE.

So congratulations to Roger on some well deserved awards!

PS: If you're listening Marvel: now would be a good time to announce that complete Thor: The Mighty Avenger oversized hardcover;)

PPS: Word to the wise: If you don't already have a copy of The Muppet Show in paperpack, it's currently 60% OFF on Amazon HERE!


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