Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome to...A Brighter Future

Above: A panel from The Brighter Future by Jonathan King. Copyright Jonathan King 2011.

Following on from last Saturday's election in New Zealand, the National Party won the night with a clear majority to govern alone, much to the dismay of lefty leaning New Zealanders and most of the NZ arts community (despite John Key claiming he did us all a favour by bending over backwards to get Warner Bros to make The Hobbit films here...with negotiation skills that The Simpsons Mayor Quimby would be proud of!).

So now we have three more years of John Key's promised 'Brighter Future' to look forward to...and what exactly will that future look like? Bright and prosperous or doom and gloom? 
Filmmaker and cartoonist Jonathan King has some ideas, and you can find them at his new website The Brighter Future HERE. You're also welcome to contribute your own visions of life in 21st Century New Zealand to the website, by contacting Jonathan at: or via Twitter: @brightr_future.



  1. Thanks, Adrian!

    And not just me, I hope: there are contributions in train from others, and I'd love to have more people contribute to 'imagining life in 21st Century New Zealand' -- as near or far, as happily or un, into the future as they'd like ...

    Contact or via Twitter: @brightr_future


  2. No probs, now updated with details!