Saturday, March 31, 2012

Comics Generation exhibition: An Inside Look

Above: Comics Generation, an exhibition featuring young cartoonists, currently on this weekend at Thistle Hall (corner of Cuba and Arthur Streets) in Wellington. All photos by Claire Harris.

Currently taking place at Thistle Hall in Wellington, Comics Generation is shinning a light on the work of promising young cartoonists, including the artwork of: Theo Macdonald, Michael Sanders, Sadie Galloway, Esther Galloway, Zora Patrick and Joel Spencer. Via the Thistle Hall Facebook Page, here's some exclusive photos of the exhibition by curator Claire Harris.

Above: Some wide views of the exhibition space.

Above: Meyo original artwork form a 27 page full-colour comic by Joel Spencer.

Above: Narrative strips from The Tragic Existence of Egbert the Egghead and Colonel Kernel and Batbat cover gallery by Michael Sanders.

Above: SpaceCat Adventures cover artwork by Michael Sanders.

Above: The Honey poison by Esther Galloway on the left side, followed by The Nightmare by Sadie Galloway.

Above: Drawings, sketch book and The encyclopedia of Small (and big) Creatures by Zora Patrick.

Above: Artwork by Theo Macdonald.

Above: Artwork from Theocracy by Theo Macdonald.

Above: Copies of the childrens' printed comics for sale at the exhibition.

Today is the last day of the show, so if you're in the Wellington area, I advise you to drop your copy of the Weekend Herald and get down there while you still can! And if you miss the exhibition, keep an eye out for New Zealand Comic Creators distributors at shows like the Armageddon Expo where you may be able to track down a copy of these great comics for yourself!


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  1. Woo hoo! Thanks for the posts Adrian.

    The exhibition was incredibly well attended. Today (the final day of the exhibtion) we also hosted two zine and comics making workshops. Bryce Galloway and Robyn Kenealy took an all ages class who made a collaborative zine called 'Monster Ziene', in the morning. In the afternoon Brent Willis and Paul Sanders (assisted by Theo MacDonald) focused on character design and visual narrative with an older group of children. Samples of their 2-3 page comics will be complied into a comics anthology and mailed out to the participants.