Thursday, May 24, 2012

GO READ: City Lights 2: Planet Of Fear

Above: City Lights 2: Planet Of Fear, cover by Jonathan King. Copyright Chad Taylor & Jonathan King 2012.

The second chapter of the thoughtful sci-fi serial City Lights by Chad Taylor & Jonathan King is now available to read at The Brighter Future website HERE (and Chapter 1 HERE). In this chapter, scientist Jim Green debriefs Pentagon military generals on his potential discovery of alien life on a distant planet, and what it may mean for mankind.
Above: Dr Green debates the potential threat to Earth from the existence of alien life-forms. Art by Jonathan King. Copyright Chad Taylor & Jonathan King 2012.

Once again this strip nicely skews the conventions of the sci-fi genre, playing off the fantasies of alien invasions embedded in our popular culture and contrasting it with the reality of our planet's limited safe guards and technological reach. It will be interesting to see where this goes next. As the saying goes: To be continued...


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