Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Roger Langridge Wins an Eisner Award for 'Snarked!'

Above: Roger Langridge at San Diego Comic Con 2012, pictured with Michel Mulipola of Gotham Comics.

Congratulations to Roger Langridge for taking home his first Eisner Award over the weekend for his comic series Snarked!.

This is Roger's first Eisner Award, having been nominated three times previously for his outstanding contributions to comics. This makes him New Zealand's most internationally awarded cartoonist, having previously won three Harvey Awards (‘Best Publication for Younger Readers’ in 2010 for The Muppet Show Comic Book; ‘Special Award for Humor’ and ‘Best Writer’ in 2011 for The Muppet Show Comic Book and Thor: The Mighty Avenger, respectively).

Above: The cover of Snarked! #6. Copyright Roger Langridge 2012.

Snarked! is published in the US by Boom Studios. The children's humour series takes its starting point from the works of Lewis Carroll, but takes the characters off in new and unexpected directions.

The Eisner Awards are America's most prestigious comics award. They are named after cartoonist Will Eisner, creator of The Spirit comic series and originator of the graphic novel format with his landmark 1978 publication A Contract With God. Established in 1987, the Eisner Awards are presented annually at a ceremony as a part of the Comic-Con International Comic Convention held in San Diego, California.

His crowded trophy cabinet may need some extra reinforcing soon, as Snarked! is also nominated for an additional three Harvey Awards, which will be announced in September.

You can view more of Roger's comics at his website HERE and the official Snarked! site HERE.



  1. I feel silly nitpicking, but I have actually had three previous Eisner nominations before this year: two nominations in 2003 for Fred the Clown, and one in 2010 for The Muppet Show. Nice of you to remember any of them!

    1. D'Oh! 'Tis been updated good sir! (I shall punish my research team accordingly;).