Saturday, August 25, 2012

News From Earth's End: An August Pictorama Special!

Above: Tank Girl by Ant Sang. Tank Girl is copyright Jamie Hewlett & Alan Martin 2012.

Today I'll be presenting a round-up of recent local comics art and photos from the Auckland Zinefest that took place earlier this month.

Last week Ant Sang took a stab at drawing a Tank Girl pin-up, with sensational results! (see above). Tank Girl is of coarse the British comic creation of Alan Martin & Jamie Hewlett, which became a generation X icon in the early '90s before it was almost banished into cultural obscurity by the mediocre 1995 film adaptation. In recent years the character has enjoyed a resurgence, thanks to renewed interest in Jamie Hewlett's artwork and his involvement in co-creating the cartoon rock band The Gorillas. Whoever is controlling the rights of Tank Girl should get in touch with Ant about producing some official artwork for them STAT!
Above: An advance poster for Rufus Dayglo's Solid Gold Death Mask. Copyright Rufus Dayglo & Sofie Dodgson 2012.

Speaking of Tank Girl, her latest comics have also featured the artwork of ex-New Zealand resident and former Pistake artist Rufus Dayglo. Dayglo has produced 6 volumes of Tank Girl adventures with co-creator Alan Martin, and is now working on a brand new creator owned series Solid Gold Death Mask, with writer/colourist  Sofie Dodgson. The series follows a demigod assassin, in liege to a penguin, searching for her missing mother whilst her psychotic sister raises an undead army to wage war. Judging by the advance artwork, if you dig Tank Girl you'll want to check this out! Bookmark the official website for more information HERE.

Above: Art commissions by Dylan Horrocks: including Tank Girl and Dr. Strange. Tank Girl is copyright Jamie Hewlett & Alan Martin 2012. Dr. Strange is copyright Marvel Entertainment 2012.

Dylan Horrocks has been working through a back-log of beautiful art commissions; including Tank Girl, Dr. Strange, Moomins and a whole range of other requests which you can view HERE.

Above: Popeye goes western in this cover for Popeye #7 by Roger Langridge.

According to advance comics solicitations for November, Roger Langridge will be writing AND drawing issue #7 of Popeye, the series he's been scripting for IDW which has had a rotating cast of artists of late. Here's the synopsis:
It's Wild West action this issue, as Popeye faces the return of Olive's old boyfriend, Ham Gravy... and the fearsome Desert Yeti! Can Popeye defeat the terrible beast before Ham steals his girl? Plus: More larks with Sappo, as Wotasnozzle presents his latest invention: the Electric Cow!

Above: A photo of me manning the New Zealand Comic Creators stall at Auckland Zinefest 2012.

Finishing off with photo coverage of the Auckland Zinefest 2012, 
he's some of the comics related stalls via the First Thursday's Facebook page (photos by Laura Forest: and Ying:

Above: Brent Willis and his range of comics, next to Kelly Sheehan and myself at the NZCC table.

Above: Sarah Laing, artist of Let Me Be Frank.

Above: Sarah's son Otto selling some of his own comics.

Above: Blastosaurus and Ghost Ghost creator Richard Fairgray.

Above: ActionMan Adam creator Marc Streeter on the left, next to Sam Orchard's table.

Above: More young comic creators: Sadie and Esther Galloway.

The event was well attended despite the stormy weather, with lots of interest and solid sales from all the NZ comics stalls involved.


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