Thursday, October 25, 2012

Welcome To Moth City: A Preview

Above: Moth City announcement artwork by Tim Gibson. Copyright Tim Gibson 2012.

Moth City, an ambitious new webcomic by writer/artist Tim Gibson makes its debut this coming Monday 29th of October at

Set against the backdrop of the 1930s Chinese Civil war when the governing Nationalist Party fought Mao’s Communists, Moth City tells the story of an American weapons tycoon who must solve the bizarre murder of his chief scientist, before his city’s inhabitants are wiped out by the warring factions.

Its a crime/horror series with a highly polished style, reminiscent of the great American adventure artists like Milton Caniff and Alex Toth, with a healthy dash of noir.

Gibson came up with the idea for the graphic novel while traveling across Asia, and upon his return he caught Kim Hill's radio interview with Ant Sang promoting his graphic novel Shaolin Burning, which inspired him to make this project a reality.

Before trying his hand at comics, Gibson worked as a designer for Weta Workshop on such films as: Tintin, District 9, Avatar and George Miller's aborted JLA. You can also see his artwork in the second White Cloud Worlds art book, coming out in early November.

Here are some exclusive sample pages to give you a taste:

Visit the official site HERE, and for updates you can join the Facbook page HERE and follow Moth City on Twitter @MothCityInsider.


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