Thursday, April 25, 2013

Moth City now available on ComiXology!

Above the artwork for Moth City Season 1, by Tim Gibson.

I'm taking a brief reprise from my hiatus (I'll be back next week!) to announce that Tim Gibson's fantastic webcomic series Moth City, is now available to buy and download from ComiXology - the world's largest digital retailer for comic books. Check it out HERE for only a crazy 0.99 cents US for the first issue!

Above: a sample page from Moth City by Tim Gibson.

Written and illustrated by Tim Gibson, Moth City is an alternate-history noir. The Nationalist Army of China comes to Moth City to purchase a mysterious new weapon to win the 1930s civil war, and instead steps into shadowy intrigues as a daughter tries to escape her father, a scientist tries to avoid his death sentence and a dictator tries to control a world falling apart.

"F@#king great!" - Mark Waid (writer of Daredevil and Kingdom Come)
"An engrossing and entertaining read... It's sharp and it's brilliantly illustrated..." - Multiversity Comics
"A crime/horror series with a highly polished style... and a healthy dash of noir" - From Earth's End

Here is a link to Moth City on comiXology, and once you are up to date, be sure to visit the Moth City website HERE and register for free weekly updates and more!


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