Friday, August 16, 2013

Announcement: From Earth's End: The Best of New Zealand Comics

Hi everyone, I can finally reveal why my blogging over the past year has been relatively patchy: I've been writing a book!

The inception of this project goes back to the very beginning of this blog, with my main objective being to introduce the New Zealand public to its award-winning community of cartoonists - to rightfully establish comics as one of the important cornerstones of New Zealand arts and culture. I'm excited to share the details with you, so without further ado, here's the official press release:

Random House NZ presents the first major book dedicated to New Zealand cartoonists, From Earth’s End: The Best of New Zealand Comics by Adrian Kinnaird, to be released Friday, 1st of November, 2013, through Godwit/Random House NZ.

New Zealand has a rich history of comics and has produced award-winning, internationally recognised creators such as Dylan Horrocks, Roger Langridge and Colin Wilson. An active community of respected writers, artists and designers is becoming more prominent and gaining mainstream recognition: Ant Sang’s bestselling Shaolin Burning and Chris Grosz’s NZ Post Book Awards finalist Kimble Bent being recent examples.

 From Earth’s End reveals for the first time the history of one of the country’s most enduring and subversive art forms. Discover the origins of New Zealand comics, from the pioneering cartoonists of the early twentieth century, to the rebirth of local comics in the 1970s, through to the bestselling graphic novels of today.

The collection showcases work from 30 of New Zealand’s best cartoonists, ranging from internationally acclaimed creators to emerging new talents, including: Tim Bollinger, Laurence Clark, James Davidson, Draw, Martin Emond, Tim Gibson, Trace Hodgson, Dylan Horrocks, Mat Hunkin, Adam Jamieson, Robyn E. Kenealy, Timothy Kidd, Jonathan King, Sarah Laing, Jared Lane, Roger Langridge, Barry Linton, Lee-Yan Marquez, Tim Molloy, Toby Morris, Simon Morse, Ralphi, Ant Sang, the Sheehan Bros, Chris Slane, Cornelius Stone, Mat Tait, Ned Wenlock, Karl Wills and Colin Wilson.

There is also a section revealing the wide influence of comics on New Zealand popular culture, featuring exclusive interviews and appreciations from some of the nation’s leading creative minds, including: Emily Perkins, Dick Frizzell and Vincent Ward.

From Earth’s End is written by Adrian Kinnaird, an Auckland based cartoonist and writer of the award-winning blog of the same name, the first dedicated to New Zealand comics and culture.

“The exceptional talent of our cartoonists is well known around the world, and to me this was a prime opportunity to not only bring that awareness home, but to celebrate an art form that New Zealanders have made their own”, said Adrian Kinnaird. “This book features rare material that has never been seen in print before, like the late Martin Emond’s Switch Blade, or underground legend Barry Linton’s epic Aki series. This book is going to surprise a lot of readers and change their perception of what comics are and can be. It’s going to be really exciting to see.”

“At long last, a book that brings together every aspect of New Zealand comics: the people, the art, the stories”, comments Dylan Horrocks, author of the internationally acclaimed graphic novel Hicksville. “Whether you want to delve into the fascinating history, enjoy some breathtaking art, or just curl up with a stack of great Kiwi comics, From Earth's End delivers all that and more. This is a landmark book not only for New Zealand comics, but for New Zealand culture full stop.”

Publication Details:

 From Earth’s End: The Best of New Zealand Comics

 - Publication date: Friday 1st of November, 2013

 - Written with an illustrated introduction by Adrian Kinnaird.

 - Designed by the award-winning Alan Deare.

 - Afterword by Roger Langridge (Snarked!, Thor: The Mighty Avenger).

 - Format: 448 pages, Paperback, 210mm x 250mm, heavily illustrated with colour and black and white illustrations throughout.

 Retail: $59.99 NZ

For media information contact:

Yvonne Thynne
Publicity Manager Random House New Zealand Ltd



If you like this blog, you are going to LOVE this book! If it is a success, it will open the day for a whole industry of New Zealand comics are graphic novels in the future, so please don't be shy about showing your support!

I'll be sharing exclusive details and previews every week here, but you can also join the official Facebook page HERE. And you can also follow me on Twitter: @adriankinnaird (and hashtag #fromearthsend).

I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks, so here's to starting a publishing revolution!


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