Thursday, November 21, 2013

Webcomics Spotlight: Musink Moves my Feet by Cakeburger

Above: The first page of Musink Moves my Feet, by Lee Reid & Joshua Drummond. Copyright Lee Reid & Joshua Drummond 2013.

Since June this year, journalist/cartoonist Joshua Drummond has been posting a variety of comics over at his website Cakeburger. His latest comic strip, a press release for the free music notation software Musink, has attracted a huge amount of attention on social media this week - and rightfully so.

In comic strip form, the press release tells the inspirational story of software developer Lee Reid, a Neuroscience student and musician who developed a serve pain disorder in his arms, prevented him from working or carrying out almost any physical activity. With nothing but time on his hands, he conceived of Musink - a music notation software program, which he painstakingly created by using his feet to type, and voice recognition software. It took two years to complete the program and is a truly remarkable story, beautifully told through Drummond's thoughtful illustrations.

 You can read the full comic strip release HERE. And if you're a musician interested in getting a copy of the software program Musink, the free version is available for download HERE.

Above: Joshua Drummond (self portrait). Copyright Joshua Drummond 2013.

Cakeburger is updated weekly, so be sure to come back for another serving of delicious comics soon! You can also follow Cakeburger on Facebook HERE.


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