Thursday, December 19, 2013

Goblin Quest marches forward!

Above: Goblin Quest panel 1, by James Davidson. Copyright James Davidson 2013.

So what do cartoonists do to keep themselves busy over the summer holidays? Moa comic creator James Davidson was itching to start a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' comic, in the style of the classic Fighting Fantasy books by Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone (which this author spent many and afternoon reading in the early nineties).

Above: Various books from the Fighting Fantasy series, by Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone. Copyright Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone 2013.

After receiving an enthusiastic response to the idea on the New Zealand Comics Facebook page, Davidson has set up a Goblin Quest Facebook page, and kicked this jam comic off with Page 1, introducing readers to our disgruntled protagonist, an unnamed Goblin recently banished from his village on a quest for riches:

Above: Goblin Quest page 1, by James Davidson. Copyright James Davidson 2013.

There will be a new comic creator picking up the story from where the last page left off, with upcoming creators including: Michel Mulipola (page 2), Cory Mathis (page 3), Matt Emery (page 4), Sean Lewis (page 5), Stuart Hallam (page 6), and I'll be contributing page 7 - with more artists to follow. Expect lots of twists and surprises as the story evolves and a great variety of art styles!

If you would like to follow - or even contribute to the story! - join the Goblin Quest Facebook page HERE.

- AK!

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  1. I've been reading/playing a lot of these old books on my ipod lately. Steve Jackson's Sorcery is particularly good on ios. Check em out these holidays if you are looking for some fun nostalgia.