Friday, January 17, 2014

The Mighty NZ Comics Digital Update: Part 1

Above: The cover of Rena's Journey by Karl-Heinz Schradt. Copyright Karl-Heinz Schradt 2013.

The global audience for digital comics continues to grow exponentially, thanks to the ever increasing affordability of e-Readers, tablets and other digital viewing platforms. Over the last 15 years, webcomics and digital downloads have grown from a curious side development to an essential component of the comics industry. This development has offered huge opportunities for upcoming cartoonists to get their comics seen without the high costs of printing; a particularly great development for cartoonists from countries like New Zealand - which are too small to support a local print industry, offering the potential to court an international audience by sharing their work online.

There's such a growing wave of NZ digital comics available that I'm going to have to make this a multi-parter!

Above: A trailer for Rena's Journey by Karl-Heinz Schradt. Copyright Karl-Heinz Schradt 2013.

First up, Karl-Heinz Schradt spent several years completing his first graphic novel, Rena's Journey. The 148 page graphic novel is an adventure story set in modern day New Zealand, drawing on the rich history of Maori mythology. You can read the  complete story on Schradt's website HERE, and if you'd like to enjoy the story in print form, you can order it HERE for $29.99NZ or at participating Auckland booksellers.

Above: The return of Kiwiman, by Matthew Kelly. Copyright Matthew Kelly 2013.

Kiwiman, the Wingless Wonder returns! Matthew Kelly's satirical take on a local superhero goes weekly, starting today with the first page of 'Crossover on Finite Islands'. Check back in every Friday for the latest update from the Kiwiman website HERE.

Above: A promo piece from The Aegean Era: Origins, by Mark Holland with Brad Goff. Copyright Mark Holland 2013.

If you're a reader of Faction Comics, you may recall the short intro piece for Mark Holland's The Aegean Era: Origins that appeared in issue #1. The first chapter of this mythology based 'Mythpunk' adventure is now completed and available to read HERE.

Above: Sarah Laing looks back at her time as a radio DJ. Copyright Sarah Laing 2013.

Over at he blog Let Me Be Frank, Sarah Laing has produced a four part series on her experiences working as a radio DJ. You can read them here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4!

Above: More unsettling adventures for Mr. Unpronounceable! Copyright Tim Molloy 2013.

Tim Molloy's Mr Unpronounceable Adventures collection was a sleeper hit when it was released last year, and he's an opportunity to read a brand new story via Molloy's Tumblr page HERE.

There's plenty more local comics material out there in cyberspace, so read up and I'll have another update for you to check out next week!

- AK!

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