Saturday, December 19, 2015

Weekend Reading: My Father's Face and The Pencilsword

Above: My Father's Face by Jem Yoshioka.

If you happen to be kicking back and relaxing this weekend with a good book or tablet device, he's some new home-grown comics to enjoy! 

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of hosting a NZ comics panel at Chromacon in Auckland and got to interview the very talented Wellington cartoonist Jem Yoshioka. Her latest auto-biographic comic, My Father's Face, was inspired by her recent visit to Japan for the first time, as she continues to explore her Japanese heritage and themes relating to identity. Following on from her previous comic Folding Kimono, this is a thought provoking read and certainly has the potential to grow into a larger graphic novel project (which Jem has hinted at in her blog), so watch this space!

You can read the full comic of My Father's Face HERE and Jem's other comics at her website HERE.

Above: Panel from The Pencilsword #19: Twelve Days by Toby Morris.

Toby Morris wraps up another year of The Pencilsword with a sweet ode to the kiwi batch summer Christmas! You can read the full strip HERE.

- AK!

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