Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekend Reading: Visits by Jem Yoshioka

Above: The cover image from Visits by Jem Yoshioka.

Start your weekend off right by treating yourself to some great local comics online! 
This week Jem Yoshioka returns, with another gorgeous auto-bio comic, Visits. In Visits Yoshioka continues her series of stories that explore her heritage and identity as a Japanese-New Zealander, as previously chronicled in My Father's Face and Folding Kimono. This comic documents her three visits to Japan, and how that experience made her feel. 

Above: Page 12 from Visits by Jem Yoshioka.

It's thoughtfully articulated, with a textural layering of patterns in the artwork that makes the reading experience feel immersive and authentic. We get to experience these visits through Jem's eyes and the wealth of visual details she captures brings these memories to life in a very tactile way that you can almost touch - no easy feat for a webcomic!

You can read the full comic HERE.

- AK!

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