Monday, October 15, 2018

NEW RELEASE: The Permanence of Warmth by John Carsey

Above: The cover of The Permanence of Warmth by John Carsey.

There's a new limited release available now from the folks at The Comicbook Factory: presenting The Permanence of Warmth by John Carsey. If you like gag cartoons that are as hilarious as they are grotesque, then this is the mini-comic for you! 

Above: Artwork from The Permanence of Warmth by John Carsey.  

Presented in the sharp design standards expected from The Comicbook Factory, this mini-comic is limited to 100 copies. It's 32 pages - black and white (with 6 pages of colour), written and illustrated by John Carsey for $9.95 (+ postage). You can order it HERE while stocks last.

- AK!

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