Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Auckland Comic book Club June Meeting

Well it's time once again for the June comic-book club meeting, this Friday at the whare wananga on
the 2nd floor of the Central Public Library from 6-8pm.

This month special guest speaker Richard Fairgray will be giving a talk on: "Comics Promotion & Finding a Place in the Market". Richard has made, published and distributed several comics. His latest effort, Blastosaurus, is available monthly from comic book shops. You can preview his book and check out his website

Lawrence the manager of HEAD (urr...don't worry, it's a comic shop), will also be present with FREE comic books to giveaway. So come along and engage in some lively comics debate and get some free books while you're at it! (I would if I wasn't laid up on my death bed this week with the flu!).



  1. Hey Adrian
    Looking forward to a detailed report on the goings on at the meeting particularly Richard's talk.

  2. D'oh! Sadly I was absent for this meeting, but since Robyn's going to be in town this week (and Richard may be at that get-together), I'm hoping to get the cliff-notes version of the talk..

  3. Bro! I've just found this site and I notice that your stuff is supremely awesome. I'm down in Christchurch and there is only a wee little comic community here, it's always nice to stumble across another kiwi comic dude.

  4. Ah, BTW: I love the idea of inviting cartoonists to post images and info about their worskspace, I love a good creative area! The little corner of their world where they get to escape reality for a moment and immerse themselves in the world they create. Woah, deep!

  5. Cheers! I have to admit I shamelessly started the studio visit section so I could get a peek at my friend's bookshelves!(but the studio workspaces are pretty sweet too;)
    I've got a good one coming up this week, so stay tuned...