Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back from beyond!

Hey everyone,
Sorry for the lack of updates, I came down with a fever recently as my body went through what felt like a complete 'reboot' process (I seem to go through this once every year and a half or so). And no, it wasn't the dreaded Swine-flu, it just felt like it!
So after surviving a week on ice-blocks and toasted sandwiches, I'm back at the keyboard with a bunch of new reports on the way, including a brand new studio visit! (see, it wasn't just a shameless self-promotional plug!). Although I did get a bunch of nice replies to that story, so thanks for the comments and feedback. It's good to know there are faithful readers stopping by to check out my rants and I'm not just shouting into the abyss that is cyber-space!
Anyway, more to follow...


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