Monday, July 6, 2009

FIRST LOOK: The Inhabitants #4

I've got a first look for you at promotional artwork for the forthcoming final chapter of 'The Inhabitants' comic series from the Sheehan Bros. You may recognise their artwork from the recent Bath Street Gallery exhibition 'Comic Art' which featured the Sheehan Bros alongside fellow cartoonists Dylan Horrocks, Tim Bollinger and Barry Linton.

The Auckland based writer/artist team of Kelly and Darren Sheehan have finished the long awaited final issue in their four part comics series, which will debut at the Armageddon Expo in October.

Described by writer Kelly Sheehan as "a graphic novella introducing an alternative world populated by super slackers, cheats and hipsters"; 'The Inhabitants' follows Tom, a high school student who finds himself drawn to a mysterious group of individuals who have abilities that bend the rules of reality and perception. They introduce him to a world that exists parallel to our own, populated by a subculture of powerful post-human bohemians. Their charmed existence faces an oncoming darkness from beyond that may consume their world and ours in the process...

More 'Invisibles' than another angst-ridden teen super-group, imagine K Rd hipsters who would rather use their powers to amuse themselves than fight petty crimes.

Here's the teaser description for what to expect in Part 4: 'The Inhabitants comes to a bone crunching conclusion, in a final issue packed with hip post humans, monstrous monsters, sharks, car crashes, rayguns, doorways, devine transformations and a little functional graffiti.'

Along with issue #4 they will also be reprinting issues #1-3, previously only available at Armageddon, to be distributed through comics stores and other fine outlets. So keep an eye out for these in October.



  1. Cool! God, October seems a long way away... though Darren's artwork looks as amazing as ever. And hey did you notice I'm following your blog now?

  2. Yes! Welcome to my band of Followers!!
    Ur...does that make me kind of cult leader...?
    Well, I guess there's worse things to Tweeting!