Thursday, July 16, 2009

'The Journey' by Dylan Horrocks

Above: The cover of 'The Journey' Copyright Waitakere City Council

Above: a page from 'The First Time' by Dylan Horrocks.

Now on a completely different subject, Dylan has also updated his website, offering his set of three Tijuana Bibles
online for the first time. They were originally created for Dirty Stories Vol.2 published by Fantagraphics.
The three stories: 'One Night', 'The First Time' and 'He Brings You' are all beautiful examples of erotic
fiction; and unlike most comics, you may enjoy sharing these with a significant other;)

PS: Dylan has pointed out they are 'not safe for work', so keep that in mind before you let your ur...fingers do the
walking (but they are so tastefully done, I'm sure you could get away with it!).

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