Monday, August 10, 2009

Auckland Comic book Club August: Frank Gibson

Above: A page from 'Tiny Kitten Teeth'. Copyright Frank & Becky.

This month's guest speaker is Frank Gibson, writer of the webcomics Tiny Kitten Teeth and Combustible Orange.

Created with Becky, his significant other on art duties, Tiny Kitten Teeth 'follows the slice-of-life adventures of Mewsli, a fish out of water in Owltown, a compact metropolis built around a particularly affluent arts college'. It's updated daily and each page is painstakingly hand painted in gouache (now that's dedication for you!).
It's a beautiful piece of comics eye-candy and is well worth checking out!

Frank's talk will focus on webcomics, and he'll also be talking about self-publishing and his experiences selling on

the US comic convention circuit from San Diego Comic Con to smaller indie conventions like MOCCA.

The meeting will take place at the Whare Wananga room on the 2nd floor of the Auckland Central City Library,

from 6pm to 8pm this Friday the 14th of August.



  1. I'll look forward to a full report!

  2. It was a really interesting talk...I think I'll have to mull it over for a bit before I do a response. Look for a follow-up later in the week.