Thursday, August 20, 2009

The surreal world of Tim Molloy

Above: 'Entering the City' by Tim Molloy. Copyright Tim Molloy 2009.

Chances are if you've being following NZ comics for the last 10 years you're bound to own some comics created by Tim Molloy.

He regularly produced comics for 'Craccum' magazine in the first half of the decade and self-published a variety of comics including: 'Poot', 'Endless Plain', 'Mr Unpronounceable' and my personal favourite title: 'The Ground! It Rushes Upwards!'.
Above: 'Untitled' by Tim Molloy. Copyright Tim Molloy 2009.

Tim's comics often contrast the surreal with the mundane; inviting you into a world of imagery and symbolism that is at once comfortably familiar and completely alien at the same time. Slice of life stories that take place in a foreign world you don't recognise, but with characters who's actions and motivations are very recognisably human.

In recent years he's built up a formidable visual language of his own, which he is now using to re-imagine bible stories, reinterpreting them through his own unique symbolism as seen above in the stunning 'Entering the City' (a reinterpretation of Jesus entering Jerusalem, known as 'Palm Sunday').

Tim has just started a new blog: 'In The City Of The Ever Open Eye', where you can view his latest work, and you can also follow him at his deviantart page. So go check it out and take a unique (head)trip to a completely different, but excellent comics frequency.


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  1. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Tim is one of my favorite NZ comics creators ever. Its great to see he has a real site now not just deviantart page. Its a real shame early stuff is unfinished and his work is hard to get hold. Did you ever see any of the pages of the Zombie comic he worked on with Ben Stenbeck?