Sunday, January 24, 2010

EVENT: 'Tigerbuttah:The Retro Art of Becky Dreistadt'

Above: Poster for 'Tigerbuttah:The Retro Art of Becky Dreistadt'. Copyright Becky Dreistadt, 2010.

Becky Dreistadt, artist of one of New Zealand's leading webcomics 'Tiny Kitten Teeth', is having a 'Tigerbuttah Gallery Show' at The High Seas from February 5th-18th.

Produced with writer Frank Gibson, 'Tiny Kitten Teeth' has been hugely successful since it's launch early last year. It receives over 5000 readers a day, and they have produced guest strips for such high profile webcomics as: Octopus Pie, Penny Arcade, PvP, Girls With Slingshots, Dr. McNinja, Shortpacked and Menage A 3.

As you may recall, back in November they created a 'Kickstarter' page, to raise funds to produce a 'Tigerbuttah' Golden Book. This went incredibly well, raising over $7300 against their goal of $5000. Allowing them to not only publish the book, but double their print run, which has to be good news for their avid readers!

So make sure you get along to the gallery opening to see some of Becky's remarkable art in person, and meet the creators! The opening is on Friday February 5th from 7pm at The High Seas, with music from 'Bear Cat' (and free cake!). For more information on Becky Dreistadt, and to read 'Tiny Kitten Teeth', you can visit the webcomic HERE.


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