Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Year, New Comics

Above: A panel from 'The Impostor' by L. S. Marquez.

The new year is off to a great start with some great new online comics for your summer viewing pleasure!
Auckland cartoonist L. S. Marquez is making her online comics debut with the extremely refined mystery/psychological thriller 'The Impostor' (click HERE to view).

Set in the totalitarian state of New Haven, social worker Lucy is rescued from a robbery by a mysterious stranger know only as 'K'. Their brief meeting lingers with Lucy, who has her own secrets that continue to haunt her waking world. Does she have more in common with this vigilante than she'll willing to admit, or will her attraction to 'K' lead her closer to danger instead of answers?

It's Part One of a three part series, which will eventually be released as three 24 page comics before being collected into a graphic novel. Each page of the original comic has been cleverly (and appropriately) divided into a classic nine panel grid. From there, she has cut the grid into three, allowing each section to form one 'slate panel' to read as the web-comic scrolls across diagonally, making for a pleasantly smooth reading experience. The artwork and storytelling is masterfully handled, and I look forward to seeing the next installments! For further updates be sure to register on the website.
Above: A page from 'The American Dream' by Dylan Horrocks.

After taking a break from his online serials to complete the finishing touches on the imminent new edition of 'Hicksville', Dylan has returned with new glorious colour pages of 'The American Dream' and 'Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen'.
As a bonus, he's also posted two recent short stories: 'Cornucopia', previously published in the Australian Journal 'The Lifted Brow'; and the serene 'My World', from the UK benefit book 'Ctrl.Alt.Shift'.

So there's a ton of great new comics content here to keep you entertained without even having to leave your work station! (although you may want to visit 'Cornucopia' in a more private setting;). Happy reading!


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