Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Black River Digital 2010 Eric Award Winners!

The Black River Digital 2010 Eric Awards took place on Saturday night as part of Comics Weekend in Wellington.
Here's a full list of the winners on the night:

BEST COMIC: Love Stories by Mat Tait

BEST COMIC STRIP: Western Park by Tim Kidd

BEST ANTHOLOGY: Radio as Paper edited by Jerome Bihan

BEST WEBCOMIC (TIE): Drawing Silence by Draw and How to Understand Everything and Not Hate Yourself by Meredith Van Halen

BEST ARTWORK: Utopia Now Vol.1 by Margaret Silverwood

BEST WRITING: The Inhabitants written by Kelly Sheenan

BEST DEBUT: Hotpools by Ned Wenlock

BEST SHORT PIECE: Under the Bed by Tim Molloy

BEST DISTRIBUTION: NZCC: Isaac Freeman, Claire Harris and friends

BEST COMICS RELATED WEBSITE: From Earth's End: An NZ comics blog by Adrian Kinnaird

For full coverage of the Erics and Comics Weekend, check back here soon!



  1. well done, nice to share an awards year with you!

  2. ...and you and issac too claire. much thanks for all your efforts over the last year.

  3. I want to check all these out (the ones I haven't already seen)! Does anyone have any plans to put some of this stuff up online?

  4. Cheers, Claire and Kelly! Winners high-fives all around!
    Matt: I'll try and link as much up as possible, but yeah, it would be great to get all of these available online.

  5. Matt Congratulations on winning best comic of the year. Tommy Denby (budding cartoonist)