Sunday, April 18, 2010

Roger Langridge takes on 'Thor: The Mighty Avenger'

Above: 'Thor: The Mighty Avenger' artwork by Chris Samnee. Copyright Marvel Comics 2010.

Announced yesterday at C2E2 -The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, Eisner nominee Roger Langridge ('The Muppet Show', 'Fred the Clown') will be the writer of the new ongoing series 'Thor: The Mighty Avenger'.

In the announcement at, the series is described as a modern 're-imagining' of the Asgardian's earliest adventures, with what Langridge believes is a more "positive, upbeat and fun" approach to super heroics. "There's a streak of hope a mile wide in the whole concept of super heroes that hasn't been exploited much in recent years, doubly so in a comic where one of the central icons is a rainbow. So, yes, I'm all about the hope."

At the beginning of the series, Thor returns to the earthly realm, confronted with a world that is far different from the one he remembers. In an interview with CBR, Langridge describes Thor's reaction the modern world, "It's all unfamiliar to him, he doesn't understand how anything works, he's been separated from his hammer and can't get home, and it's only when he meets Jane Foster in our first issue that his life starts to come together again. We'll be asking the question, 'In a world, where cosmic beings fall out of the sky and super-powered giants walk among us, what's so great about being human? The answer may surprise you."

Thor character studies by artist Chris Samnee. Copyright Marvel Comics 2010.

In the series you can expect to see appearances from Thor's classic supporting cast of gods, including Loki, the Warriors Three, Balder, Sif and Heimdal and his ever judgemental father Odin. Thor will be facing challenges from both Asgard and earth, some in the form of familiar villains and other threats that are brand new. "There'll be some new villains - evil robots are always a safe bet - and some old ones. We'll be kicking off with Mister Hyde in our first two issues. Initially, I want the villains to either be established Thor villains or brand-new ones, most of whom, in our story, he's meeting for the first time", Langridge explained to Newsarama.

Thor character studies by artist Chris Samnee. Copyright Marvel Comics 2010.

Joining Langridge on the series will be artist Chis Samnee ('Siege: Embedded'), who brings a stylish look to the book, that is both classical and dynamic. Langridge is quietly confident that reader will be impressed by the artist's work on this project, "I will just say that I think artist Chris Samnee is our secret weapon. His design sense, rock-solid storytelling and superb character acting will knock your socks off. That's certainly what it did for me - I haven't seen my socks in weeks."
Above: Fred the Clown seems to have borrowed Mjöllnir... Copyright Roger Langridge 2010.

'Thor: The Mighty Avenger' debuts in July, monthly from Marvel Comics. For more updates on Roger's many projects, be sure to check out his blog and website.



  1. There's potential here for a nice 'fish out of water' take on the character.
    I wonder if he'll give him Stan's flowery shakespeare dialogue? "I say thee, YAY!".