Saturday, May 1, 2010

New NZ Comics: Autumn Edition 2010

Above: An otherworldly advert for Tim Molloy's 'Saturn Returns'. Copyright Tim Molloy 2010.

In this new feature I'll be taking a look at the latest NZ comic releases, with exclusive artwork and details on where you can get yourself a copy!

First up is 'Saturn Returns', the latest offering from Tim Molloy. It's a portal to a surreal but perfectly constructed world that Tim has created through his imagery, which literally has a language all of it's own. It both reflects the world we know, and the strange customs our popular culture trades in. Highly engrossing, and a bargain at $12 for 48 pages! You can pick this up at The High Seas in Auckland (click HERE for address details).

Next up is 'Vigl' by Tim Danko. It's a beautifully screen-printed comic, which at $4 is well worth your time to check out. I'm not sure what the story is, but when it looks this Jack Kirby would say, "don't ask, just buy it!".
'Vigl' is also available from The High Seas.

Above: A page from 'Vigl' by Tim Danko. Copyright Tim Danko 2010.

Progress #8, the latest issue in Jared Lane's award-winning series is out now.
As you've come to expect from Jared, it features slick artwork and well polished stories, making it one of the New Zealand's best on-going comic series.

Above: Artwork from 'Progress #8 by Jared Lane. Copyright Jared Lane 2010.

It retails for around $10 and is available at Comics Compulsion in Christchurch, Graphic in Wellington and Gotham Comics in Auckland. Or you can order it directly from the author, by sending $10.00 NZ +postage and packaging (within NZ) to: Jared Lane, c/o AP Design, 55 Retreat Road, Christchurch.
I recently posted about the book launch, and now it's available to buy: 'Alledaags: A Year in Amsterdam', a comics diary by Toby Morris. It's a handsome 354 page hardcover collection that you can order through Toby's website HERE for €30.00 Euros.

A page from 'Alledaags: A Year in Amsterdam' by Toby Morris. Copyright Toby Morris 2010.

That is a chunk of NZ change, but the profits from this book are going to a very worthy cause: the Guy Champney Memorial Fund. Named after a cartoonist and friend of Toby's, Guy Champney passed away at the all to young age of 34 from a heart condition. In honour of his memory, his family and friends started the fund to raise money that will be donated to a children's charity in his name. So by purchasing this book you get to partake in this great cause and receive an exceptional comics collection!
Bristle #5, the latest issue of the Wellington comics anthology, is available now.
It features stories by: Ned Wenlock, Claire Harris, Jason Winter, Carlos Wedde, Renee Lyons, Ari Freeman, Grant Buist and editor Brent Willis. M. Emery also featured and provides the cover. It's only $5 and is available from The High Seas in Auckland and Graphic in Wellington. You can also mail order it for $5 + postage, and back issues of Bristle #1-4 still available for the same price. Send payments to: Brent Willis at PO Box 27-258, Wellington.

And last, but certainly not least: 'Silver' is the new abstract comic collection by Draw, one of the artists featured in the Eisner nominated collection 'Abstract Comics' from Fantagraphics. It features an intriguing series of comics created using found photography slides. It's full-colour for $19.00 + postage and packing. To order, email Draw at:
Above: A page from 'Silver' by Draw. Copyright Draw 2010.

There's plenty of great NZ Comics out there, so I hope this has brought some new comics to your attention, and give you some ideas for reading material to seek out and enjoy as the winter months close in.


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  1. This is a great feature. I used to collect NZ comics back in the mid-90's and recently (whilst organising to sell the vast majority of my entire comic collection) found that I couldn't bear to part with any of these home-made gems; something very personal about each and every one of them.

    I've been wanting to get back into purchasing these again too, so this new segment of yours is perfect, as I have no idea where to start.