Thursday, May 20, 2010

NZ Comic Creators Media Attack!

Above: A 'Shaolin Burning' wallpaper for cellphones, created by Ant Sang for 2 Degrees Mobile. Copyright Ant Sang 2010.

If you can't wait for Ant Sang's upcoming graphic novel 'Shaolin Burning', the good news is now you can download an exclusive cell-phone wallpaper (above) created by Ant from the 2 Degrees Mobile website!

It's called 'Tigerman' and costs 99c. It can be downloaded HERE.
For more information on 'Shaolin Burning', you can check out the exclusive announcement HERE or my tour of Ant's studio HERE.

Above: The cartoon character 'FOT', set to appear on the sketch show 'RadiRadiRah'. Copyright Alex Dron 2010.

In other media news, TV3's new comedy sketch show 'RadiRadiRah' screens this Friday night at 9.30pm. It features an impressive line-up of local comedy talent including: 'Boy' director Taika Waititi, the Naked Samoans (the writers of Bro' Town) and Rhys Darby. One of the shows regular segments will be an animated short called 'FOT' (Funny Orange Thing), voiced by Rhys Darby and co-written and animated by Alex Dron and the Comicbook Factory's Karl Wills.

A fine animator as well as cartoonist, Karl Wills has been very busy of late. As well as working on 'FOT', Karl has also being animating a series of 'Underworld' cartoon shorts based on the comic-strip by US underground cartoonist Kaz. You can check out the first five episodes HERE with more on the way! For updates visit the Comicbook Factory website HERE.


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