Friday, February 3, 2012

Coming Attractions: It Shines And Shakes And Laughs

Above: The cover of It Shines And Shakes And Laughs by Tim Molloy. Copyright Tim Molloy 2012.

Making it's debt next month, It Shines And Shakes And Laughs collects the silent and surreal comics of Tim Molloy! This covers his work from 2007-2012, as Tim describes it, "its a collection of all my silent work for the last five years or so. It's very esoteric and experimental in it's entirety and reflects a big transition period in my life... On the other hand, it is very eclectic and very much a 'collection." Published by Australian indie-press specialist Milk Shadow Books, it comes with an introduction by Dylan Horrocks. 
Above: A silent strip by Tim Molloy. Copyright Tim Molloy 2012.

Look for it next month, and I'll keep you posted on where you'll be able to pick this up in New Zealand. For more updates check out the Milk Shadow Books website HERE.


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