Saturday, February 25, 2012

WEEKEND LISTENING: Dylan Horrocks & Mike Dawson Interview

Above: Dylan Horrocks and Mike Dawson.

Mike Dawson, the US cartoonist behind Freddie & Me, Troop 142 and one half of the indie-comics podcast Ink Panthers, recently got on the phone to interview Dylan Horrocks for The Comics Journal's TCJ Talkies series.

They discuss the recent creator rights controversies: from DC's announcement to finally move forward with it's Before Watchmen series of prequels without Alan Moore's blessing, to Gary Friedrich's failed lawsuit to be recognised as the creator of Ghost Rider against Marvel Comics. Dylan has always been outspoken and honest with his views on creator rights in comics and intellectual property, and this conversation is no exception.

On a more personal front, Dylan starts off talking about the start of his career and the decision to move from part-time worker to full-time cartoonist. With New Zealand heading into another term of a National led government and a US election on the horizon, there's also an interesting discussion on the differences between our two electoral systems, and why we should perhaps get a vote in Uncle Sam's elections!

All this plays out to the occasional Tui tune from Dylan's backyard in Maraetai. You can listen to the full recording HERE.


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