Thursday, October 15, 2009

Comics on K: Bristle #3

Above: the cover of Bristle #3 by Ned Wenlock.

Wellingtonian cartoonist/editor Brent Willis will be attending 'Comics on K' this weekend with a brand-spanking new issue of the anthology title 'Bristle'. It features stories from the finest cartoonists Welly has to offer including: Carlos Wedde, Robyn E Kenealy, Claire Harris & Clive Townsend, Lou McLellan, M. Emery, Ari Freeman, Stephen Saville, Draw, Edward Lynden-Bell, and Helen Cropp and Brent Willis himself. It features an eye-catching cover by Ned Wenlock and a back cover provided by Jason Winter.

It's 36 pages of comics goodness, produced in A5 format for only five dollars!
So make sure you pick up a copy this weekend, along with back-issues of Bristle #1 and #2.

For more information of 'Comics on K: A Comics Weekend' (Oct 17-18) you can visit the blog or see The High Seas for more details.


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