Monday, October 12, 2009

Road to Armageddon '09: Blastosaurus & I FIght Crime

Above: The cover of 'Blastosaurus Halloween Special'. Copyright Richard Fairgray 2009.

Richard Fairgray has been one of the most visible local creators at Armageddon over the last few years, promoting his monthly comic 'Blastosaurus' with his own booth and a well honed sense of showmanship.

This year will be no exception, with a new 'Blastosaurus Halloween Special'. This will be the last issue on the New Zealand run of the series before it moves to the US imprint 'Anerican Original', so this is definitely a must-have for fans looking to complete their collection of the original series before the overseas reprints make these editions hard to find.

There will also be four volumes of the collected comic-strip 'I Fight Crime', which runs daily over at the Blastosaurus website.

'I Fight Crime' follows the (mis)adventures of Ernest and Rob, two Comic-Shop employees who pass the time between reading their favourite comics by serving their bizarre (but uncomfortably familiar) regular customers, fending off comic-eating gremlins and arguing about all thing pop culture related. Each volume will contain 50 strips will be neatly designed in a cheque-book format.

For more updates on 'Blastosaurus' and to view the full 'I Fight Crime' archives, be sure to visit Richard's website.


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