Thursday, October 8, 2009

Daily Connie Radar!

Above: A colour panel from an upcoming 'Connie Radar' comic by Karl Wills. Copyright Karl Wills 2009.

If you read my report on Radio As Paper #3 there was an update on the work of Karl Wills, with some new comics expected next year. Well you don't have till then, 'cause Karl is producing a daily Connie Radar strip over on his blog The Comicbook Factory!

Above: A Sunday page of 'Connie Radar'. Copyright Karl Wills 2009.

Connie Radar revolves around the adventures of a sci-fi space babe and her robot sidekick, Julius.

Like 'Jessica of the Schoolyard' you can expect a health dose of Karl's twisted humour, with a helping of pulpy science fiction thrown in for good measure. There's going to be a full-colour Connie Radar strip in Hotwire #3 coming in January from Fantagraphics, and some Tijuana Bible format comics to follow later next year.

While you're waiting for those, you can enjoy the daily strip and a Sundays page every week!


Above: The cover of Hotwire #3. Copyright Fantagraphics 2009.

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