Tuesday, October 20, 2009

EVENT: 'Portrait of a Waiting Pig' Book Launch and Exhibition

Above: Morgan the Pig from 'Portrait of a Waiting Pig'. Copyright Andy Conlan 2009.

The multi-talented cartoonist/director/actor Andy Conlan, best known in comics circles for his late-nineties comic series 'Strumming Teeth', has turned his considerable talents to publishing, with his first illustrated novella 'Portrait of a Waiting Pig'.

Here's a brief description of the book:

What is the great, life changing event that we all seem to be waiting for nowadays, and when is it going to happen?
That is the very question that plagues a small, constantly bemused pig called Morgan in this illustrated novella for adults. Is “it” ever going to happen for him? How will he know when it does? Has he experienced it already and completely missed it?

The Waiting Pig of the title waits for this life changing event through a series of wryly narrated vignettes, as he perishes with ennui before our eyes. Part black comedy, part cautionary tale, the book was previously only available in a limited edition. It is now released in an all new edition formatted as the author/illustrator intended, with new material added to its charming collection of Edwardian etching style illustrations and very dry humour.

It's a handsomely presented 32 page hardcover, which at only $19.99 is an absolute steal!

A launch exhibition featuring original artwork from the book will be held this Wednesday the 21st at The High Seas from 6pm.
The exhibition will run till the end of the month, so if you can't make it to the opening be sure to stop by and check out the artwork at your leisure.

I recently had a chance to see a proof copy of this book and it's exquisitely finished and deserves a place on the shelf of all respectable NZ bookstores! For more Information check out the publisher's website: Gracewood Hollows Publishing.


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