Monday, October 5, 2009

Everything Ends In Tears: Comic Launch & Exhibition at The High Seas

Following hot on the heels of the recent Radio As Paper #3 launch/exhibition, cartoonist Matt Emery is unleashing his new comics collection 'Everything Ends In Tears' at High Seas on Friday the 9th of October, with an exhibition of his subversive (and hilarious) comics work.

Matt Emery (currently based in Australia) is something of a controversial figure in New Zealand comics, producing some of the most memorable, and possibly offensive x-rated comics titles the country has ever seen. Some of the best examples include: 'Let's Kill White People', 'Run! Faggot! Run!', 'Some Day I Will Kill You', and a new favourite of mine, the rather literal 'Choose Your Own Fucking Adventure'.

However, one of his titles in particular has reached almost cult status: 'Sally Fucks Horses'.
At Wellington Armageddon 2002 a copy of this title made it's way into the hands of a minor, prompting a review of the comics material sold at the convention and many heated online debates regarding comics censorship. While no official regulations were decided on, many of the NZ comics sold at Armageddon are now self-rated by the cartoonists to avoid confusion and legal issues.

So if you like your comics with a bit more bite (or a kick in the nuts), come to the show on Friday and be entertained, offended or both simultaneously! It kicks off at 6pm and will also feature musical performances from: 'Golden Axe', 'Space Cadet' and 'Megaheroes'.

For an early taste of Matt's work, check out his new website: Guzumo Comics. For more information and updates on the exhibition, visit The High Seas.


Above: The cover of 'Everything Ends In Tears' by Matt Emery. Copyright Matt Emery 2009.

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