Friday, October 16, 2009

Comics on K: Weekend Schedule

As a last minute reminder: here's the schedule for 'Comics on K' so you can start planning your weekend around it!


The High Seas opens at 1pm, and is located at 1/12-14 Beresford Square, off K Rd.
The stall holders will be: Dylan Horrocks, the Sheehan Bros, Frank and Becky, Marc Streeter, Stefan Neville, Brent Willis and Mat Tait.

There will be a BBQ going outside of the venue from 2pm, there will be a couch and seating outside so you can sit and read if you'd like. Artwork from some of the stall holders will be on display in an exhibition all day Saturday and Sunday.

Chris Slane will hold a talk about the marvels of historical research for comic making at around 5.30pm.
Then Dylan Horrocks will close the event with an hour long talk called '6 things i have learned from comics'.

The High Seas is providing a giant projector cinema effect for these talks and we will have a limited amount of seats, so if you are interested in hearing these talks, bring your favorite beach chair or cushion or be ready to sit on concrete floor.


The High Seas will again open at 1pm.
Staff holders on Sunday will be: the Sheehan Bros, Frank and Becky, Stefan Neville, Mat Tait, Brent Willis, Marc Streeter and Richard Fairgray.

The Sunday Art Auction will take place from 6pm onwards, featuring artwork by: Darren Sheehan, Frank and Becky, Mat Tait, Brent Willis, Marc Streeter and possibly more.

It's going to be a full weekend of great NZ comics and creators, so come on down and show some support for the local comics community (plus BBQ!).



  1. Is this going to be a regular event? If so I'll definitely make the trip next time!

  2. The hope it to make it an annual event.

    If you're going to the Auckland Armageddon next week, you'll be able to catch a lot of the same featured NZ cartoonists there too.