Monday, October 19, 2009

Comics on K: The Visual Report

Above: Some customers buying NZ comics. Cartoonists sitting behind the table from left to right: Marc Streeter, Becky & Frank and Brent Willis.

The inaugural 'Comics on K: NZ Comics Weekend' took place this past weekend, gathering some of NZ's finest local cartoonist at one location for a weekend of cartooning, spirited conversation, exchanging of ideas and occasional sales.

I'll have a write-up tomorrow when my strength returns (turns out sitting around talking comics all weekend takes a lot of energy!) but in the meantime, here's some photos from the weekend to enjoy!

Above: The Sheehan Bros (Darren and Kelly) selling copies of their completed comic series 'The Inhabitants'.

Above: The Sheehan Bros and Richard Fairgray creator of 'Falling Leaves' and 'Blastosaurus', keeping the customers satisfied.

Above: Kelly Sheehan and Jose Barbosa in conversation.

Above: Cartoonist Brent Willis, with a selection of his comics including the latest issue of the Wellington comics anthology he edits, 'Bristle'.

Above: Brent Willis talking with Steve Seville.

Above: The second table, which featured Marc Streeter creator of 'ActionMan Adam', Becky & Frank of 'Tiny Kitten Teeth', Mait Tait creator of 'Love Stories' and Brent Willis, editor of 'Bristle'.

Above: Marc Streeter and Becky and Frank.

Above: Becky putting brush-pen to paper.

Above: The second table from the other side (Brent breaks for lunch!).

Above: Later on Saturday afternoon Dylan Horrocks arrived with two issues of a new mini-comic series titled 'Pikelet'.

Above: Some of the original artworks to be auctioned off at the end of the weekend.

More on this event tomorrow!


  1. Enjoyed the talks by Chris and Dylan... though I only saw the tail end of Chris'. Regarding Dylan's last point, I've been thinking a lot about giving away artwork for free lately. Here's a couple of links regarding musicians Trent Reznor of NIN) giving away free downloads of their music in order to build up a large fanbase of people who will then go on to spend money on more exclusive music packages:
    Seems to me this could be a great way to go for a lot of us geographically isolated artists here in NZ...

  2. frank's 'do is looking very prince valiant

  3. Yep, Dylan makes a compelling argument for the free sharing of artwork and content to directly engage your audience without relying on the 'corporate middle-men'. I think I'll cover Dylan's talk as a separate article as there's a lot of thoughtful information to discuss (and I'm still exhausted from this weekend!).

    Oh, and apologises to Mr. M.Emery for not covering your opening, damn bus strike caught me unawares, otherwise I would have been there!

  4. no worries mr kinnaird, i pop in here regularly to catch your coverage of all things comic-wise, great to see whats happening.